How To Play Roulette

Even for those who have yet to step into a single casino, roulette has to be one of the most (if not the most) iconic games often featured in your standard casino. For the unaware, this is the game wherein a ball is dropped on an alternating red and black spinning wheel, the name of the game being guessing where the ball ends up when it stops bouncing around.

Knowing the Wheel

In roulette, he who guesses where the ball will land on the wheel will walk away victorious. As such, it can’t hurt to familiarise oneself with the wheel in the first place. Doing so is actually quite easy and only takes a minute or two until you can recall everything off the top of your head. Let’s take a close look.roulette wheel

One of the first things you’ll notice are the abundance of different “slots” around the outer edge of the roulette wheel, each slot having its own assigned number. Number aside, you’ll also notice that each slot belongs two one of three colors – black, red or green, the latter of which may be excluded depending on the wheel in question.

Placing Bets

As previously stated, your goal as the gambler is to predict where where the ball is going to land after it is tossed onto the spinning roulette wheel. While this sounds overly simple, it’s not as easy as pointing at a slot and saying “that one.” There are several ways in which one may bet on any given slot.

For example, one may predict that the ball will land on a red slot. If they are right, they will be given an amount of chips dependent upon how large their bet was. One may also bet on a black slot. Upon betting on a colour, your odds of winning are 50% – the highest odds you’ll see on any single bet.

Players may also bet on numbers. For example, one may predict that the ball will land on the slot with the number two on it. Once again, if the ball does indeed land on number two, he who predicted the outcome will have won an amount of chips relative to his bet.

Lastly, players aren’t limited to placing just one bet at a time. One may bet on both the number two slot and the number fourteen slot, for example as you’ll see if you choose to try any of the online bonuses available at the site here.

All Bets Are (Majorly) Equalequal

Generally speaking, the house edge in roulette will remain anywhere between two percent and six percent – never higher or lower – despite what some systems may have you believe. As your odds of winning go up, the potential number of dollars you may win go down at a (usually) proportional rate. As basic knowledge of likelihoods will tell us, every roulette player who risks the same amount of money will, in theory, have roughly the same winnings or losses within a four percent margin of variance. For some folks; however, this four percent margin sounds like an opportunity.

Because each roulette wheel may be different from the next (typically, geographic location dictates which wheel will be used), there is no one universal strategy which lowers the house edge on every single wheel. If you’re the type to go into the casino with a game plan, it’s important to look up strategies based on your location. If you’re in Atlantic City, for example, you’ll want to take a look at roulette strategies made specifically for that location’s wheels.

In the end, you’ll find the house always has an edge of two to six percent which is unavoidable. If; however, you’d like to push it closer to the lower side of the spectrum, there are strategies out there which exist, increasing the players odds of winning X amount based upon likelihoods and potential winnings offered by a casino.