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Bingo On Facebook

Bingo, like many other universal and evergreen games, have occupied the online space. Originally a card-based lottery game, bingo was incorporated in the online sphere in around 1996. Today when we think of the Internet, the first thing that comes to our mind is social media. This is because social media has become our primary source of global information, a platform where we can voice our opinions openly, and are viewed as an equal. And no conversation on social media can be complete without mentioning Facebook. Isn’t it the first thing you check when you connect to the Internet?

Developers of bingo as an online game have been quick to realise that one of the most effective ways to gain more player engagement is through Facebook. That is because that’s where most of the online crowd are all the time! Simple. Hence it is not surprising to find multiple versions and types of bingo game applications on Facebook.

The various ‘avatars’ of Facebook bingo games differ from each other mostly through their designs and interactivity. By design, we mean the ease of navigation, various levels of interactivity and engaging visuals. Going by these parameters, Real Bingo, Bingo Blingo, Lucky Bingo Game and Bingo World are some of the most popular haunts on Facebook. They all have flashy UI/UX that spell ‘B-L-I-N-G’, but have different ways and frequencies of rewarding their players.thumbs up

Some Facebook bingo apps offer free tokens to play, right when people join and use the app for the first time. Then they also reward them with free tokens or points when the players achieve certain milestones set by the app developer. These milestones and the nature and amount of the rewards vary from app to app. Each of the Facebook bingo app communities, for example, Bingo Blitz, post targeted contests or similar promotional campaigns, offering them extra virtual gold coins, tokens or experience points to attract more players. These types of campaigns help in keeping the current players motivated and engaged in the community.

In an attempt to stand out of the Facebook bingo app crowd, BamBamBingo, apart from offering experience points, clocks and hearts as rewards to its regular players, has integrated other games like video poker, mini slots and keno and arcade games into their bingo room. This is done to give the players a feeling of playing in an actual casino, where all kinds of arcade games are installed in the same room.

It is difficult to pass a verdict as to which Facebook app of bingo is the best. Each have their own unique feature, which attract a certain segment of online players. However, judging by the number of ‘likes’ a certain few bingo apps have got, we can safely say that there are around 6 to 7 really popular ones, most of which are mentioned here.