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The world of online bingo is always evolving to keep up with the influx of new sites and new players seeking out new and better offers along with something new to keep the interest going and spark the imagination. Most recently we have found the latest trend to be that of the 500% bonus that comes with the first deposit at a given website. A year or 2 ago it was generally accepted that you would get a 200% or 300% bonus with the occasional 400% bonus thrown in there. To think you’d be getting a 500% bonus was basically out of the question as it was simply unheard of to give away such a large freebie for new customers.

However, things have changed drastically and the trend now is towards the bigger bonuses of 400% as practically the norm and 500% being needed by many sites entering the online arena just to get themselves noticed and entice new players to give them a shot as the growth of online bingo expands exponentially. There has also been a shift towards allowing the bonuses to be spent on slots not just bingo games, this is likely because the players that go on to use the slots create a lot more revenue than the average bingo player who sticks to the normal games and doesn’t veer off the play the higher risk side games.

We’ve been keeping an eye out for the latest 500% deposit bonus offers and have even seen a few that offer 600% and the latest one from the aptly named LoonyBingo.com has a ridiculously high 700% bonus! To get a proper run down of all the latest offers that have the 500% bonus take a look at the following site where you can deposit 10 pounds and get 60 to play with at the website here which has all the offers on there. It’ll save you loads of time looking them up yourself and they keep the site updated daily so any new offers will not be missed. Ideal for the modern day bingo bonus hunter!

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History of Bingo

Online bingo may be an on-going sensation among the current Internet savvy youth, but do you know how the game of bingo was conceptualised? Bingo came to being about a few centuries ago. Around the year 1530, there was a lottery game called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” in Italy. The concept of bingo as we know today is said to have originated from this Italian lottery game.

By the year 1778, Le Lotto game was created in France This lotto game featured nine columns and three rows, thus adding up to a total of 27 squares. Each of the squares contained one number from 1 to 90. This layout laid the foundation of the modern day bingo.some nice bingo history pcture

It was around the year 1920 when bingo became a standard game across most of the travelling carnivals and fairs in and around the Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh district. This standardisation was done by Hugh J. Ward, who even authored the rule book of bingo in 1933.

The game of bingo was further popularised by a toy merchandiser named Edwin Lowe. It started at a travelling fair near Atlanta in December 1929 when Lowe noticed that people were really involved in a Beano game, which used Hugh Ward’s rule and used a rubber stamp, cardboard sheets and dried beans. He adopted the idea and introduced it to his friends in New York in 1930s. His friends loved the game. One theory suggests that one of the friends, on being excited to have won, screamed out ‘bingo’ instead of ‘beano’, and that’s how the game got its present name. Another theory suggests that the name originated in Great Britain during the 1770s, and migrated to Pittsburgh at least a generation before Lowe’s claim.

Edwin Lowe is credited to have produced bingo game with two versions: one is a 12-card set and the other is a set with 24 cards. Soon, bingo became a rage among the players then. Within the next decade, the game spread all over the country.

The Internet is still a recent boom. But bingo lovers were quick to create its online versions, the first of which was launched in the year 1996. It was called “Bingo Zone” and could be played free of cost. The players only had to provide their demographic information to start playing. In return, the online members would receive targeted ads based on the location they have provided. Uproar was another torchbearer of the early free online bingo games. It created Bingo Blitz in the year, 1998.

Now there are countless websites and software that let you play free or paid online bingo games. The rules of some of these games may vary somewhat, but are all essentially structured on the original rules by Ward.


How to Play Online Bingo

Feeling lucky? Then you should probably play Bingo. Bingo is a game of chance that originated as a European lottery game, as early as the 18th century. The game became more and more popular as it was introduced at various carnivals and fairs across the world. Now with the widespread use of the Internet, Bingo is now played by millions of people online. One of the reasons why the game is still popular after its inception a few centuries ago is because it’s fairly easy to play.bingo!

Online bingo now has four variations, which especially depends on the place you are playing from. The North American bingo usually constitutes the 75-ball version on a 5×5 card. The card has ‘free’ marked in its centre square’. The letters B-I-N-G-O are usually written on top of the 75 ball bingo card. Each of the letters corresponds with each of the five columns, which are found on the bingo card. The target of the player is to get the desired pattern by marking off the numbers.

Online bingo gaming rules vary in the United Kingdom, some other parts of Europe and South America, and in Australia. In these places, it is a 90-ball game, marked on a card with nine columns and three horizontal lines. Each of the cards has 15 numbers, which means each row in a card has five numbers. The first column of each card has the first nine numbers, followed by the next seven columns, which have10 numbers in each. The last column contains numbers from 80 to 90.

90-ball online bingo can be played in three stages. They are one line, two lines and full house. In the first stage, players need to mark a horizontal line completely across a card, that is, five numbers marked. As for a ‘two lines’ game, players need to follow the rules for the first stage, but for two lines. This means a total of 10 numbers marked. Finally, for a ‘full house’ online bingo game, all the numbers, which is a total of 15, should be marked off from one card. The prize split also differs for each stage of online bingo game. If more than one winner is declared, then the prize is shared equally among the winners. The largest prize in any one stage is always the full house.

For those who are impatient to win a game, there is a quick version of online bingo too. It is played with 30 balls, each numbered from 1 to 30. It has a 3 by 3 card, and to be declared winner, the player has to be the first to ‘fill’ up his or her card. This happens when all the nine numbers on the player’s card match with those which are called out.

Another main online bingo game is 80-ball bingo. Here, the cards are 4×4, which means there are 16 numbers. A player can win by completing an entire line on his or her card. Or a winner is declared when he or she completes more than one line or gets a full house.

So what are you waiting for? Try your luck!