How To Play Roulette

Even for those who have yet to step into a single casino, roulette has to be one of the most (if not the most) iconic games often featured in your standard casino. For the unaware, this is the game wherein a ball is dropped on an alternating red and black spinning wheel, the name of the game being guessing where the ball ends up when it stops bouncing around.

Knowing the Wheel

In roulette, he who guesses where the ball will land on the wheel will walk away victorious. As such, it can’t hurt to familiarise oneself with the wheel in the first place. Doing so is actually quite easy and only takes a minute or two until you can recall everything off the top of your head. Let’s take a close look.roulette wheel

One of the first things you’ll notice are the abundance of different “slots” around the outer edge of the roulette wheel, each slot having its own assigned number. Number aside, you’ll also notice that each slot belongs two one of three colors – black, red or green, the latter of which may be excluded depending on the wheel in question.

Placing Bets

As previously stated, your goal as the gambler is to predict where where the ball is going to land after it is tossed onto the spinning roulette wheel. While this sounds overly simple, it’s not as easy as pointing at a slot and saying “that one.” There are several ways in which one may bet on any given slot.

For example, one may predict that the ball will land on a red slot. If they are right, they will be given an amount of chips dependent upon how large their bet was. One may also bet on a black slot. Upon betting on a colour, your odds of winning are 50% – the highest odds you’ll see on any single bet.

Players may also bet on numbers. For example, one may predict that the ball will land on the slot with the number two on it. Once again, if the ball does indeed land on number two, he who predicted the outcome will have won an amount of chips relative to his bet.

Lastly, players aren’t limited to placing just one bet at a time. One may bet on both the number two slot and the number fourteen slot, for example as you’ll see if you choose to try any of the online bonuses available at the site here.

All Bets Are (Majorly) Equalequal

Generally speaking, the house edge in roulette will remain anywhere between two percent and six percent – never higher or lower – despite what some systems may have you believe. As your odds of winning go up, the potential number of dollars you may win go down at a (usually) proportional rate. As basic knowledge of likelihoods will tell us, every roulette player who risks the same amount of money will, in theory, have roughly the same winnings or losses within a four percent margin of variance. For some folks; however, this four percent margin sounds like an opportunity.

Because each roulette wheel may be different from the next (typically, geographic location dictates which wheel will be used), there is no one universal strategy which lowers the house edge on every single wheel. If you’re the type to go into the casino with a game plan, it’s important to look up strategies based on your location. If you’re in Atlantic City, for example, you’ll want to take a look at roulette strategies made specifically for that location’s wheels.

In the end, you’ll find the house always has an edge of two to six percent which is unavoidable. If; however, you’d like to push it closer to the lower side of the spectrum, there are strategies out there which exist, increasing the players odds of winning X amount based upon likelihoods and potential winnings offered by a casino.


Dos and Don’ts of Online Bingo

Online bingo is an addictive game of chance, which hundreds of thousands of players across the world are playing these days. There are scores of websites and applications that offer anonymity, innovative gameplay and even cash rewards to woo in more players and keep them hooked to the game. Since online bingo players seem to have evolved into a community of their own, there are certain dos and don’ts which seem to have evolved with it. Let’s find out what you should and should not do while playing online bingo.


  • Take a break from online bingo. This might seem a little abrupt, but it’s necessary to take a break from the game, given its addictive nature.
  • Play for fun, instead of putting out all your money at stake and treating it as a matter of ultimate seriousness. After all, it’s just a game!
  • Be polite in bingo chatrooms. Even though you can maintain total anonymity, but that doesn’t mean that you should abuse the general decorum of the chat. Remember, it is meant for socialising and connecting with fellow bingo gamers.
  • Follow the rules. Rules in some site may be different from those in other sites where you have played. But you must follow the rules of whichever website or application that you are currently playing in.
  • Learn the bingo lingo! As with any niche community, there are certain languages or cult words which only the members of the community know. In case of bingo community, that holds true. So go ahead, interact with more fellow bingo players and learn what those words mean. It’s better to ask than be clueless.


  • Don’t consider online bingo gambling as a source of income. Gambling in any form, or keeping your money at stake in any game of chance for that matter, cannot replace a normal mode of income.
  • Don’t continue playing even if you are winning or losing too much. Too much greed is not good. Likewise, if you are on a losing streak, don’t play on in the hopes of winning it all back in one gameplay.
  • Don’t play under alcoholic influence. Make sure you have a clear mind and conscience before you start playing online bingo.
  • Don’t get carried away while playing. Even though we advised to play for fun, but that doesn’t mean that you should not keep an eye on your cards. Most of the times, play safe and keep track of all your numbers.
  • Do not show off too much, even if you have won the ultimate jackpot money in online bingo. Remember, nobody likes a show-off and it doesn’t take much time for the tables to turn on you. Even if somebody congratulates you, reply with a humble thank you or something similar and polite.

Websites for Playing Online Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance, which has its roots traced back to a few centuries. Today, bingo has evolved into a majorly popular online casino game. Various websites and applications allow players from all over the world to play this game free of cost, or by investing something. The basic rules of bingo are the same, no matter which website you log in to, but some of the ways of getting a player engaged differ from site to site.

Currently owned by gaming giant Electronic Arts (E.A.), is a major website where you can play bingo. In fact, Pogo offers four variations of the game, each of which can be played free of cost. A player may subscribe to Club Pogo to avail some premium services.

Since the online gaming market is highly competitive, especially with evergreen games like bingo, websites are constantly trying to innovate or come up with unique solutions to woo in more players, and stand out from the rest. While some of the online bingo websites offer just virtual currency, coins or points to keep the players engaged and play on. Take as example. They are presently giving away £20 to people to start playing bingo there. They also have a £10 in exchange of no deposit promotion also going on. Also, websites like offer actual money to people who sign up and start playing in their site. Currently, they offer £15 to people who sign up to pay their jackpot bingo game. In another attempt to attract players, they are giving away £60 worth of bingo play time in exchange for a deposit of £ bingo balls

While we are on the subject of offering real money for playing bingo online, deserves a special mention. Don’t get bogged down by the name – anyone can be a part of the 888 Ladies Club! Once you sign up, you get guaranteed a generous amount to start playing. They also pay nicely by means of loyalty points, to people who become regulars. You can get to play the classic versions of 75 and 90-ball bingo games here.

As far as keeping players constantly engaged is concerned, scores by offering nonstop bingo sessions. Not only are there variety in these nonstop games, but visitors can play them free of charge to try their luck in winning real cash rewards.

These days, everybody is spoilt for choice, especially in the online sphere. With so much competition around and with every website trying to get attention of the online players, you have to look around a bit to get the best deal that suits you. After all, customer is the king!